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Reattaching a Bumper on a Subaru Impreza

Subaru Before

Got a call to reattach a custom tube bumper today.  It had been attached to one Subaru and needed to be attached to another.  The years of cars where different but it still fit very nice.  I started by welding two 6"x6" steel plates to the stock bumper mounts.  Then with the customers help and a couple jack stands we got the bumper aligned and I welded the bumper to the steel mounts.You can check out more pictures and cool stuff at Sean's Dirty Impreza Bolg.Subaru After

Groundswell Brewing Company

Bar Table Legs

Got a call from Groundswell Brewing Company in San Diego to build some heavy duty legs for some tables and a bar for one of their new locations.  The customer requested 3 1/2" steel square tubing and 1/4" steel plate.  The first step was to cut all the square tubing to length using a chopsaw. Then I had to drill holes in the plates so the customer could fasten to the floor and the tables.  After all the pieces where cut and drilled I beveled the edges on the square tubing to allow for better penetration of the weld. I then used large magnets to hold the plates in place and welded them with my Millermatic 180 welder.  I then used my grinder with a wire wheel to clean up all the welds and give it a nice shine.

Silk Screen Machine

Today I fabricated a frame for use with a silk screen transfer machine.  I made it with 3/4" aluminum square tubing.  My first step was to cut the pieces for all four sides at a 45° angle.  Then all the pieces were beveled to give a better welding zone.  The pieces were then welded making a 26" x 22" frame.  A small piece of metal was welded on one side to give it a thicker portion for a vacuum valve to be installed.  That spot needed a 7/16" hole drilled in it and I tapped it with a 1/4" npt tap.  My final step was to grind all the welds down to make it a nice flat surface to sit on.  Pretty easy.

Car Wash in Poway

I had a job at a huge automated carwash this morning at Costco in Poway. I arrived at the job early as usual and found that a large truck had run over one of the tire guide rails that keep the vehicle aligned in the car wash and broke a couple of welds. It is very hot and humid inside the car wash so it is a great atmosphere for rust. I had to ground down all of the old welds and rust, then I beveled the surface to get a better weld joint. I then clamped the piece of 2" square tubing back in place and welded it. After the welds had cooled I ground them down to give it a stock appearance.  Looks like this never happened and my customer is pleased.  Now this car wash at the Costco in Poway is up and running again.

Battery holder for riding scooter

Today I got a call to fabricate a new battery holder for an electric scooter. The customer bought this scooter to ride on the board walk here in san diego but it lacked enough juice to get all the way up and back.

I started by using 2 inch flat stock and drilling to holes in it to mount to the removable seat post. Then i bent the flat stock into shape to form a holder for the battery. Since this will be removed frequently we decided to hold it between the frame using hook and loop fasteners so i fabricated a mount on the back of the battery to hold the loop in place.

The customer was very happy and looks forward to having two batteries on his scooter for a much longer ride in sunny san diego.


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