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I will first start out by saying that you will excel in any job if you love doing it.  That being said, welding is my passion.

My passion for welding began in high school when I took a basic welding class.  I was hooked!  From that point forward I took every welding and mechanical class that I could take in High School.  I joined the US Navy right out of High School to perfect my welding ability, and it went slow at first but once I completed my advanced welding school I was confident that I could weld anything.  Since then I have perfected TIG welding on steel, stainless, and my favorite, Aluminum. 

There is just something about being able to create something from metal that drives my passion.  From welding simple repairs to fabricating custom one of-a-kind pieces – it’s ALWAYS exciting.

After receiving years of training and classes (and the ok from my wife, of course J), I decided to pursue my dream and start my own business.  I started Kartchner Mobile Welding & Fabricating in 2009 by fabricating bumpers after work and on weekends.  Now we are a Veteran & Family Owned Business.  I do the welding, my wife and oldest son help design, and I am also teaching my oldest to weld.  Never too young to start!  My son likes to go on jobs with me to see the cool projects I get to weld on, plus it’s a learning experience.

I hope that if you ever need a quality job done to high standards that you will give us your business.  I promise you will not be disappointed with my work!